privacy Policy

‘Your Privacy is our sole Responsibility’

If you wish to be benefited by our services or conduct your business via our network then you are earnestly requested to read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer carefully and keep referring to them from time to time, to remain abreast of the latest. ( Our Privacy Policy is a subject to change however we will keep you informed about even the slightest bit of change that takes place. )

Through our Privacy Policy, we wish bring it to your knowledge that we are an organization which place ‘Privacy or Customers’ at the top of our priority list. Also, we wish to inform you that keeping all your ‘personal and confidential information’ confidential is our responsibility and so you must rest assured that all your serious information will remain exclusively confined to Technisys, and will never be leaked or shared with any external authority, without your prior approval.

At Technisys, we aim to gather information in the form of your name, email, contact number, services required, your business structure & strength etc (except for when we require something on an advanced level) and all these are collected to offer you services to the best of our ability.