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Online Percent Oxygen Analyzer

Teledyne's Model 3000PA brings percent oxygen analysis to new heights of precision. Using advanced microprocessor technology, this model makes the task of percent oxygen analysis easier, faster and more accurate than ever before. Simple menu choices, membrane command switches and a large LED display make setup and operation of Model 3000PA clear and quick. When error-free analysis is required, there is no better choice.

Portable Percent Oxygen Analyzer

Analysis of oxygen has become a part of every industry that uses or produces gas or gas mixtures. Teledyne's complete line of portable gas analyzers provides this vital analysis in a compact package operating without an external power source.

Oxygen concentration in the sample gas stream is measured by Teledyne's own advanced Micro-fuel Cell sensor specific to oxygen. The high-accuracy and fast response of these units is ideal for measuring oxygen in hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, acetylene, ethylene, butadiene, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and many other gases.