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PRDS(Steam Pressure reducing and Desuperheating System)

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For nearly three centuries, steam has been used to transport energy in the form of heat from the place of its origin: 'the boiler' to its usage point: 'steam engine, turbine, heat exchanger'. It is for this reason that steam is generated in boilers at high pressure & temperature and subsequently expanded in equipments to obtain thermal and mechanical energy. In condensers this reduced steam is converted back into liquid phase and boiler feed water pump is used to condense it, which is again pressurized and transported to the boiler. The water/steam cycle is now closed.

Steam Pressure Reducing Stations

Steam pressure reduction is the lowering of steam pressure at boiler plant by means of pressure setting on the boiler plant master control. Steam pressure reduction affects mainly the high pressure part of steam system. Within practical limits, pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) adjust the pressure at lower levels to the previous set points. This means that most of the savings benefits from pressure reduction occur in high pressure section of steam system.

Steam Pressure Reducing & De-Superheating Station (PRS / PRDS)

Our Steam Pressure Reducing & De-Superheating Stations (PRDS) are pre-fabricated manufactured ready to be installed for steam system management. The pre-assembled Steam Pressure Reducing Stations are individually sized to meet end-user's specific needs. Inlet and outlet piping and valve are sized as per best engineering practices. Each unit is custom engineered and designed to meet specific system requirements.