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Process Automation Technology has gained immense importance in the present industrial environment especially in its application in the entire gamut of the industrial sector. Technisys has developed courses to train the young minds on innovative process automation technology and to give wings to their dreams and launch fruitful careers. Our course was evolved after intense research in the job market and the present know- how already available in the market. We have spanned not only the domestic market but are prominently visible in the international arena as well. Technisys provides a comprehensive educational environment for the trainees and is one of the leading institutes, imparting hands on training to the budding engineers and technicians. Our training programs are dynamic and we have developed a flexible syllabus commensurate to the requirement of the job market abroad and here. Our faculty members are renowned professionals in their respective fields and form a prestigious ensemble. We are renowned in our circle for on the job training and our classes are very specific to the industrial applications, thus successfully meeting the chasm between supply and demand of technical acumen.