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At Technisys, our core motive behind offering proficient levels of Process Automation Systems for Refining industry is to enhance plant profitability, output capacity, upgrade product yields, improve on-stream reliability and reduce operational hazards and manpower required.

Even today, there are many refineries that continue to operate in the age old fashion, following the basic facilities which are not even remotely related to new-age Process Automation Systems. However, for any organization to remain ahead of its competitors in the changing time, it is necessary to upgrade their facilities according to today’s global market, operational demands and introduce hi-tech process automation systems which will not only enhance their processing measures, but will also make the processes less time consuming and more profit-bearing.

Process Automation Systems developed by us for Refining Industry are capable of giving breakthrough performance, thereby enabling refiners to achieve new levels of safe, optimal performance in key operational areas. Moreover, our refinery automation systems will enable you to harness the power of predictive intelligence to operate more efficiently, safely and effectively.

Technisys’ Refining Applications
  • Automation Solutions to improve performance in key operating areas
  • Crude/Vacuum Units
  • Delayed Coker
  • Distillation & Fractionation
  • Fired Heaters
  • Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
  • Hydrogen Generation
  • Hydro processing and many more