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In today's rapidly changing and extremely competitive global Pulp & Paper Industry, Technisys Engineering can best help you to understand true potential of their mills and maximize its performance. This is accomplished by combining advanced technologies with deep Pulp & Paper process knowledge & engineering technical expertise. Technisys has been providing automation solutions to Pulp & Paper industry for years and to deliver maximum value to customers, the organization has also progressively invested in Pulp & Paper expertise, engineering, and application capabilities to provide comprehensive automation and optimization solutions.

Application Notes
Integration of Real-time Utility Monitoring with a DCS

Discharge of improperly treated industrial chemicals and fuel gas can have a major impact on environment and so most of the countries are taking measures to deal with environmental problems.

pH Measurement of Wastewater Treatment

Treatment of wastewater from pulp and paper plants is a serious environmental concern and to avoid such serious issues, a LTH’s submersion holder with an ultrasonic air-jet cleaner can be used to reduce the effect (once a month).

Humidity Measurement for Paper Dryer Control

Humidity control is essential for maintaining high paper quality and high heat energy efficiency. In Situ Zirconia High Temperature Humidity Analyzer requires no sampling system and operates stably in high-temperature environments.

Measurement in Cogeneration and Captive Power Boiler

Steam is the most popular method of providing energy source to a process and its associated operations. The more accurate and reliable measurements are, the more informed decisions can be taken.

Black Liquor Recovery

With high temperature, pressures and levels of dissolved organics that are encountered, the flow meter offered is ideal for use in all phases of the chemical recovery process.

Magmeter for a KP Continuous Digester

The digester Magmeter enables accurate and stable flow measurement of black liquor circulation line, helping users to stabilize the cooking degree that determine quality of the chip digesting process.

Consistency Control by valmetSP, the new standard for pulp consistency

Pulp-AIR, Pulp-EL and SMART-PULP are well recognized among papermakers and this heritage is continued by Metso’s new valmetSP employing latest technology and materials. valmetSP is easy to start up and fast to calibrate taking full advantage of Hart, Profi bus PA and Foundation Fieldbus technologies.

Industry Specific Offerings